CT HMIS - System Maintenance Complete 11.23.2021

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The CT HMIS Server is back up and available to users. Server maintenance and Windows updates have processed. Thank you. The Nutmeg Consulting Team View Article

SSVF Programs - Additional SSVF Service Choices Added

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Homeless Prevention and rapid Rehousing programs that are classified as SSVF programs now have additional services options to better reflect all posssible reporting categories of services and… View Article

DMHAS-EQMI - New Services and Location Code Name Change

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​New Service Codes have been added to the DMHAS/DDaP service screen in order to meet requirements released by DMHAS. Tehy should be used as of November 1st, 2020 They are as follows TCM04 -… View Article

CoC & DOH ESG Waiver Tracking Interface

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In response to the memo on Waivers for CPF Grand Programs and Consolidated Plan Requirements, an interface for attaching waiver information to client enrollments has been created for use inside… View Article

COVID-19 - Additional CT HMIS Guidance - CCEH

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At the end of March we began a significant coordinated effort to decrease shelter occupancy and use local hotels to provide shelter guests with a safe place to reside and comply with social… View Article

HMIS Procedures Regarding COVID-19

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Copied from the CCEH COVID-19 Response Newsletter 3/28/2020 For clients who are staying in your shelter Continue enrolling new clients who will be staying in your shelter Continue checking… View Article

SSVF Program - Changes to Employment Data Requirements

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Today we rolled out changes to the Employment data elements to maintained compliance with the HMIS Data Standards. The following elements are now required on both entry and exit. Employed… View Article