CTHMIS Release Notes

Updates to BNL v2 – CE Event Columns - BNL 2.5 Released

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Overview of Change

Change will appear on: 09/21/2022

The latest update to BNL v2 (2.5) incorporates new fields that will provide additional information about Coordinated Entry Events which are being used to show when clients are matched to housing resources.

Users will see the following new columns on BNL v2

  • CE Referral Event Result
  • CE Referral Event Date of Result

The following column will be removed:

  • Previously Homeless (Count)

These updates to BNL v2 will provide additional information from the Coordinated Entry Event to BNL managers about whether a client was successfully matched to a housing program and when that result occurred. If the program or client did not accept the referral that may indicate that a client needs to be rematched. Alternately, if a client was successfully matched, but is still on BNL v2 it may indicate the need for the Qualifying Program to close the enrollment.

The Previously Homeless (Count) column was added based on a youth prioritization framework that is no longer in use.

Impact & Necessary Actions

All users may access BNL v2 but it is most applicable to BNL Managers working in the Coordinated Access – Network role

Additional Documentation

Path to View

Administration Tab > Left Menu: Reporting > Compliance Reports > By Name List (BNL) v2.5

CT HMIS Roles Affected

  • CCEH All Features
  • Emergency Shelter (ES)
  • Transitional Living (TLP)
  • Supportive Housing (SHP)
  • Supportive Services (SSVF)
  • Street Outreach
  • DOH Emergency Solutions (ESG)
  • System-wide Reporting
  • Services Only
  • Coordinated Access - 211
  • Coordinated Access - Network
  • Runaway Homeless Youth (RHY)
  • Dev Testing
  • Nutmeg Staff
  • DMHAS PATH Street Outreach