CTHMIS Release Notes

Shelter Utilization Report (SUR) - Updates to Table 24 and HUD UDE, PSDE Data Elements

Published On: by jbuckley

Overview of Change

​The Shelter Utilization Report (SUR) has has the following bug fixes to table 24.

  • The addition of “Rental by client, with Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) tenant or project based) has been added to Exit Destination by Type.
  • The subtotal Permanent Exit Destinations total has been updated
  • On the HUD UDE, PSDE Data Elements section, the Total Substantive Exit Destination has been updated

Path to View

Administration Tab > Left Menu: Reporting > Compliance Reports > DOH Shelter Utilization v2 (Org)

CT HMIS Roles Affected

  • Emergency Shelter (ES)