CTHMIS Release Notes

RRH Pending Service Request Report

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Overview of Change

Change will appear on: 12/02/2021

Beginning 12/02/2021 Rapid Rehousing (RRH) managers will be able to access a report that provides details on the status of service funding requests for RRH programs.

How does this help? Allows review of pending funding request along with dates of submission, approval, and transactions. RRH managers can better track the progress of funding requests and follow up as needed. Note: The “Status Change Date” on the export is the date of the most recent status update in the “Status” column (Accepted/Approved, Pending Approval, Turned Away).

When will I see this change in HMIS?

This change is expected to be rolled out on 12/02/2021

Impact & Necessary Actions

Rapid Rehousing Managers under the DOH Emergency Solutions (ESG) Role.

Additional Documentation

Path to View

Report location: Administration > Reporting > Operational Reports > Service Request Summary Report

CT HMIS Roles Affected

  • DOH Emergency Solutions (ESG)