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Release Notes - Data Quality Alert Dashboard BETA and “My CaseWorthy” Tab Changes

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Overview of Change

Nutmeg Consulting is proud to release a new Data Quality Alert Dashboard (DQAD) into the CT HMIS platform. The Data Quality Alert Dashboard is an expandable data quality alert system currently in BETA testing. We’ve launched this new feature in preview mode while we collect feedback from our volunteer Beta testing group. This feature is available for any user to try and experience some of the exciting new features we’ve developed! Note: Beta means that this feature is still subject to enhancement and bug fix before it formally goes live.

You can learn more about this feature using the links below:

Impact & Necessary Actions

Case Management Tab Changes

There is a new Left Menu item in several roles under the Case Management tab called “Data Quality Alerts BETA” (see screenshot below). This will allow you to access the new DQ Alerts features located in the Case Management section of the software.

Left Menu
Left Menu

My CaseWorthy Tab Changes

There are new Left Menu and Dashboard items in several roles under the “My CaseWorthy” tab called “Data Quality Alerts BETA” (see screenshot below).

We’ve added the new Data Quality Alerts BETA dashboard to the tab.

My CaseWorthy Tab
My CaseWorthy Tab

Additionally, we’ve started to move functionality from the “My CaseWorthy” menu option on the Case Management tab to consolidate it under the “My CaseWorthy” tab at the top of the screen. This will be a gradual process and we’ll keep the existing menu items until all roles have been updated.

Additional Documentation

Path to View

Left Menu > Data Quality Alerts BETA and "My CaseWorthy" Tab

CT HMIS Roles Affected

  • CCEH All Features
  • Emergency Shelter (ES)
  • Transitional Living (TLP)
  • Supportive Housing (SHP)
  • Supportive Services (SSVF)
  • Street Outreach
  • DOH Emergency Solutions (ESG)
  • Food Pantry
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Services Only
  • Coordinated Access - Network
  • Runaway Homeless Youth (RHY)
  • Dev Testing
  • Nutmeg Staff
  • DMHAS PATH Street Outreach