CTHMIS Release Notes

DCF Questions, Household Type, QP Household Size - BNL 2.6 Release Notes

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Overview of Change

Change will appear on: 10/28/2022

Version 2.6 of the By Name List has been released and includes the following changes

  1. ADDED: The Following DCF Question results have been added as columns on the BNL.
    • Have you ever been under DCF care or resided with a foster family through DCF?
    • Was DCF your legal guardian when you turned 18?

  2. UPDATED: Household Type (From Qualifying Enrollment), see below updated rules for the calculation.

    Clients in the Qualifying Enrolment have their ages computed as of the run time of the report, If the participant is between 0 and 17 years they are considered youth, if 18+ then adult, if the age cannot be computed they are counted as unknown. Using the counts above, the following options are displayed.

    • If Youth = 0 and Adults = 1 then Individual
    • If Youth = 0 and Adults >= 1 then Family Without Children
    • If Youth >= 1 and Adults >= 1 then Family With Children and Adults
    • If Youth >= 1 and Adults = 0 then Family With Children Only

    If all participants do not have a computable aged then Unknown

  3. ADDED: QP Household Size: Count of household members linked with the qualifying enrollment
  4. REMOVED: Rule 5 of the inclusion criteria has been removed from the By Name List universe logic. Logic below

    This logic added people to the BNL when enrolled into the CA process via a 211 enrollment, if the below conditions were met.

    • A client enters the system for the first time through Coordinated Access where their prior residence is a homeless location.
    • The client has an enrollment with the Coordinated Access Network 211 organization (ID 69221) in the Coordinated Access 211 program (ID 749).
    • The client report during the at entry assessment that the prior residence was a homeless location:
      • Emergency Shelter including hotel or motel paid for with emergency shelter voucher or RHY Funded Host Home Shelter
      • Place not meant for habitation
      • Safe Haven
    • This is the clients first enrollment.
    • The client was not found in rule 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4.
    • The client’s enrollment was active during the reporting period (EnrollmentMember.EndDate >= Report End Date).
    • The client is not deceased: ClientSummaryInfo.DateOfDeath IS NULL

Path to View

Administration Tab > Left Menu: Reporting > Compliance Reports > By Name List (BNL) v2.6

CT HMIS Roles Affected

  • CCEH All Features
  • Emergency Shelter (ES)
  • Transitional Living (TLP)
  • Supportive Housing (SHP)
  • Supportive Services (SSVF)
  • Street Outreach
  • DOH Emergency Solutions (ESG)
  • System-wide Reporting
  • Services Only
  • Coordinated Access - 211
  • Coordinated Access - Network
  • Runaway Homeless Youth (RHY)
  • Dev Testing
  • Nutmeg Staff
  • DMHAS PATH Street Outreach