CT HMIS - Release Notes

What's Changed in the CT HMIS Database

We’ve rolled out a nightly cleanup process that will close CAN Network and bed list enrollments. The below issues should be resolved nightly to a variety of situations and will reduce common data entry errors. View Release Note

View Release Note

​A new case note template is now available for all Coordinated Access staff to use titled "CAN Case Note Template". This template is available to all organizations. Additionally the template called "CAN Case Note", which was an older template, has been retired and removed from the CAN organizations. View Release Note

For the 211 and CAN Coordinated Access roles, the upcoming and past reservations screens of the "Appointment Schedule" option have been updated with dates added to the "Appt Created Date" column and a secondary sort by Appt Created Date has been added to views for both the "CA - Appointment Schedule" and "EP - Appointment Schedule". View Release Note

The Coordinated Access Network and Coordinated Access - 211 Roles have had updates to facilitate changes to the CT Coordinated Access workflow for both United Way 211 staff and Coordinated Access Network staff. View Release Note

To accommodate an updated CAN workflow process*, we’ve added the ability to handle walk-in clients that were not directly referred from 211 to a scheduled appointment. Additionally, some general data collection changes have been made to collect and record additional data or make data collection simpler. View Release Note