CT HMIS - Release Notes

What's Changed in the CT HMIS Database

We've developed a new report to let you generate a client list with client data and a scannable barcode for ease of service recording. View Release Note

View Release Note

We've added the "Family ID" field the Find Client form to more quickly road the correct client record. View Release Note

Nutmeg Consulting is proud to release a new Data Quality Alert Dashboard (DQAD) into the CT HMIS platform. The Data Quality Alert Dashboard is an expandable data quality alert system currently in BETA testing. View Release Note

Nutmeg Consulting has added the ability to quickly edit DMHAS CaseNote details from the summary screen. View Release Note

The Coordinated Access Network and Coordinated Access - 211 Roles have had updates to facilitate changes to the CT Coordinated Access workflow for both United Way 211 staff and Coordinated Access Network staff. View Release Note

Version 2.6 of the By Name List has been released and includes the addition of DCF questions, QP Household size and Household Type changes. Additionally the BNL universe has had rule 5 removed from the main universe . Read more for full details. View Release Note

Changes have been made to the Note field for Acuity Index assessment outcomes. The note has been moved from the top summary section of the form to individual notes that are associated with each outcome. View Release Note

To accommodate an updated CAN workflow process*, we’ve added the ability to handle walk-in clients that were not directly referred from 211 to a scheduled appointment. Additionally, some general data collection changes have been made to collect and record additional data or make data collection simpler. View Release Note

Improvements to the "My Case Manager" selection list View Release Note

The latest update to BNL v2 incorporates new fields that will provide additional information about Coordinated Entry Events which are being used to show when clients are matched to housing resources. View Release Note

We've made an update to the name of our role ""PATH Outreach Role". View Release Note