New Status Dashboard for the CT HMIS Database

Published On: by jbuckley

Today we launched the CT HMIS Database Status dashboard for your use. It was created to summarize server utilization over a 24-hour period and will help end users and the system administrator identify high usage of the database and when the server is under unexpected strain.

You can find a link to this dashboard on the support page, shown below.

When the system is strained, users can evaluate their timing for large and/or intensive reporting. Spikes that move above the trend line indicate high demand and you should consider running large reports at another time.‚Äč


Single Statistics (Top Row):

  • Uptime (days): The number of days the server has been up without interruption.
  • User Connections (Current): The number of users currently connected to the system.
  • Memory (Current GB): The amount of memory currently being used by the database server.


  • User Connections: The last 24 hours of user connections (including connections that maintain the server) with the current trend line for the past 24 hours of usage.
  • CPU: The last 24 hours of processing activity (including end user interactions as well as server maintenance and backups) with the current trend line for the past 24 hours of usage.