Emergency Shelter Exit Current Client Only Fixes and Changes

Published On: by jbuckley

Attention HMIS Emergency Shelter users,

When exiting/discharging a household from your program using “exit emergency shelter client” the option that was previously labeled “exit current client only (do not use)” has been fixed.

There have also been some slight changes to that screen to better explain the options.

The first option, which had previously been labeled “Exit all clients sharing this enrollment (including children)” now says “Exit ALL HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS or a SINGLE INDIVIDUAL” This option exits all members from an enrollment, and should be used anytime you are exiting an entire household, INCLUDING when that household is a single person who was enrolled in your program.

The second option, which had been previously labeled “Exit current client only (do not use)” now says “Exit CURRENT CLIENT only. Leave program enrollment OPEN for other Household members” This option is to be used when you have a household of more than one person enrolled in your program and one member is leaving your program but the other household members need to remain enrolled.

Please email the helpdesk at help@nutmegit.com if you have any questions on this.