CTHMIS - CT HMIS Website Survey - Results

Published On: by tina@nutmegit.com

We have compiled the results from the CT HMIS website survey. We appreciate everyone’s participation and honesty.

A detailed report of the survey results can be viewed here: CT HMIS Website Survey Results Report 04.14.2023

Based on user feedback we will work to improve the following items:

  • Develop a more intuitive website with improved overall functionality, ease of use and search capabilities.
  • The updated website will have a redesigned layout for program information with organized sections.
  • All forms will be reviewed, updated and categorized.
  • Sections will be added to provide more information on data quality and frequently used reports.
  • The Knowledge Base design will be reviewed to improve navigation and relevance of content.

We will be working to improve the website for users in many areas including the items listed above. We have a targeted launch date of July 1, 2023.

Thank you.