CT HMIS - NEW Data Quality Alert Dashboard

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CT HMIS - NEW Data Quality Alert Dashboard

We are pleased to announce a new feature developed for the CT HMIS CaseWorthy platform.

The Data Quality Alert Dashboard (DQAD) is a data quality ecosystem Nutmeg Consulting has created and built into the CT HMIS CaseWorthy application interface. It’s designed to inform users at multiple organizational levels as to the quality of their client’s data, point out potential problems and provide details on how to correct and interpret the impact of each issue. This is an “as of right now” view of data with the following benefits.

  • It providers alerts directly to your case managers as they work with client records.
  • It’s fast since alerts are computed nightly and uses an advanced rule-based engine that allows a lot of flexibility in what we can do with your client data.
  • It’s expandable and customizable, and we plan to expand the number and types of alerts over time.

All the existing data and funder reports are still very valuable and this doesn’t replace them, but as time goes on, your team will have to do less last-minute correction using end of quarter or year funder reports because you’ll be aware of errors earlier in the life of the client record and have quick links and detailed instructions on how to fix each issue.

We’ve launched the Data Quality Alert Dashboard (DQAD) in preview mode while we collect feedback from our volunteer Beta testing group. Note: Beta means that this feature is still subject to enhancement and bug fix before it formally goes live. Below is our deployment timeline:

  • BETA Testing phase ends January 7, 2023
  • Bug Fixes week of January 14, 2023
  • Go Live week of January 21, 2023

The release notes can be reviewed on the CTHMIS website located here:

Release Notes - Data Quality Alert Dashboard BETA and “My CaseWorthy” Tab Changes

You can also learn more about this feature by reviewing the links below:

The DQAD is available for any user to try and experience some of the exciting new features we’ve developed!

Please email help@nutmegit.com if you have any questions!

Thank you.