CT HMIS Emergency Shelter Exit Enrollment Workflow Changes

Published On: by jbuckley

It has come to our attention that many emergency shelters have clients which remain on their bedlist after the shelter enrollment has been exited/discharged. This was due to users not being required by the system to put an end date on the client bedlist enrollment when exiting the client. We have worked to find a solution to the problem. This solution will be imported into the live site tomorrow morning between 8:30AM and 10AM. There will be no system downtime required for this change.

There will now be an extra question on the page “Family Reservation Exit Workflow” saying “Have you put an end date on the bedlist enrollment?” This is to remind you to enter a date where it says “Bedlist Enrollment End Date” and not leave it open; once you have done this. Mark the question as yes, and then you can save.


Please email the helpdesk at help@nutmegit.com if you have additional questions on these changes.
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