CT HMIS - DOH Coordinated Access Network Workflows Released

Published On: by jbuckley

Hello CT HMIS Coordinated Access Network Users!

The new DOH CAN Workflow modifications* are now live in CT HMIS. To accommodate an updated CAN workflow process, we’ve added the ability to handle walk-in clients that were not directly referred from 211 to a scheduled appointment. Additionally, some general data collection changes have been made to collect and record additional data or make data collection simpler.

*Please note, each CAN is in the process of working with partners to identify the CAN hub locations where walk-ins will occur. It will be determined by CAN policy/procedures, which will be finalized and shared after these changes go live in the CTHMIS system. No site will be designated for walk-in CAN enrollment without notice.

  • CT HMIS Roles Affected by these changes - Coordinated Access - Network
  • Path to View Changes - Client Management > Process Referral and Client Management > Complete CA Referral (Enroll or Divert)

Process Referral and Complete CA Referral (Enroll or Divert) Workflow Changes/Additions

  • New CAN Appointment Type Assessment - Added to the Process Referral Workflow to specify if the appointment is a Walk In Client or Referral from 211 for a scheduled appointment.

  • Coordinated Access Intake Form - 4 new questions have been added to this form in the Process Referral Workflow.
  • Prior Zip Code (Numbers Only)
  • DCF Youth Questions (only visible to individuals ages 18-24)
  • Have you ever been under DCF care or resided with a foster family through DCF?
  • Was DCF your legal guardian when you turned 18?
  • Are you currently in DCF extended care?

  • Current Living Situation (Add New) - This form has been added to both the Process Referral and Complete Referral (Enroll or Divert) Workflows.

  • HMIS Coordinated Entry Event Summary - This form has been added to both the Process Referral and Complete Referral Workflows.
  • Events that require an Event result but have a “No” are now highlighted red for easier review.

You can view the full Release Notes for more information regarding the changes here.

Additional Resources (Training slides, recorded webinars and forms) are available on cthmis.com and below: