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At the end of March we began a significant coordinated effort to decrease shelter occupancy and use local hotels to provide shelter guests with a safe place to reside and comply with social distancing guidelines for health and safety. In conjunction with that work, DOH and CCEH created and circulated guidance pertaining to data entry into HMIS for shelter enrollments and bednight check-ins.

We are re-sharing the guidance now because there are shelter guests currently staying in hotels who are still being checked in to shelter beds in HMIS. Please review the HMIS data entry guidance below and share it with all relevant staff:

For clients who are staying in your shelter

  • Continue enrolling new clients who will be staying in your shelter
  • Continue checking clients into beds on nights when they stay in the shelter

For clients who are enrolled in your shelter, and temporarily staying elsewhere due to COVID-19 relocation (e.g., hotel/motel, given a ‘pass’ to stay with family/friends, etc.)

  • Keep their existing shelter enrollments open
  • Do not check them into beds at your shelter unless they are sleeping at your shelter that night

For clients who are exiting your shelter, not for a temporary COVID-19 relocation

  • Process the client’s exit per your normal procedure

This guidance was created with the intent to lighten the data entry load for shelter providers while also ensuring that we collect accurate, useful information about the clients served by our system. If you have any questions about the guidance or its implementation please contact Linda Casey (lcasey@cceh.org) and Beau Anderson (beau.anderson@ct.gov).

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Donate here to CCEH’s COVID-19 emergency response fund.

Donate here to CCEH’s COVID-19 emergency response fund.

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