Contact/Service form for PATH, RHY, Street Outreach & ES

Published On: by tmurray

The “Contact / Service” form has been updated to the latest version of the data standards. This form is required to be completed for all clients that you’d expect to show up in the PATH 2018 report, section Q8-Q16. The form is located in the Case Management & Program Assessments sub menu’s.

All street outreach projects are expected to record every contact made with each client, including when the Project Start Date or Date of Engagement is recorded on the same day. There may or may not be a contact made at project exit.

The first Contact with the client will occur at the same point as Project Start Date and therefore requires a record to be opened in the HMIS for the client. Contacts include activities such as a conversation between a street outreach worker and client about the client’s well-being or needs, an office visit to discuss their housing plan, or a referral to another community service.

Please contact hmis@nutmegit.com with any questions you have about this. The Quick Guides for each program type are located below:

PATH Outreach Quick Guide

Runaway Homeless Youth (RHY)

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