2020 HMIS Data Standards Update - Scheduled Downtime for Oct. 1st 8AM to 9AM - UPDATE #2

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UPDATE 2: “Current Living Situation” Form Now Available

CaseWorthy has resolved the “Current Living Situation” but, and the data collection form been added to all roles. Note, if you have previouse assessment data for location, it will be converted to the new format, this data may notshow till a new living situation entry has been created and the form refreshes.

Menu location: Case Management > Current Living Situation


The HMIS 2020 Data standards are now LIVE in the database and you may resume data entry, with one exception, the vendor has found an error in the new Living Situation forms that they are working to resolve and that issue is expected to be resolved by end of day, once resolved the new forms will be added to all roles.

Updated reports should be rolled out by 12PM to all dashboards.


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Hi All,

On October 1st, 8AM to 9AM, updates will be applied to the live CT HMIS database that will bring it in compliance with the 2020 HMIS Data Standards. It’s advised not to use the system till these updates are complete as some assessments may become temporarily inaccessible. Updated reports should be rolled out by 12PM to all dashboards, but the system should be back up by 9AM.

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