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Please review the full release notes and if you have any questions please let us know by emailing help@nutmegit.com. Overview of Change CHANGES TO ACUITY INDEX COMMENTS FIELD Change will appear… View Article

New Status Dashboard for the CT HMIS Database

Published On: by jbuckley

Today we launched the CT HMIS Database Status dashboard for your use. It was created to summarize server utilization over a 24-hour period and will help end users and the system administrator… View Article

CT HMIS - New PATH Workflow for DMHAS Outreach Programs

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The scheduled changes to the DMHAS Funded PATH Outreach programs have been rolled out as of 8/1/2022. The new DMHAS PATH Street Outreach Role, Custom Assessments and Workflows are now available… View Article

CT HMIS UPDATE: Updates to Document Verification list options

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Effective April 14, 2022 there were updates to the Document Verification drop down list options. You can use the steps listed below in “PATH” to see those options under the CAN Role. ROLE:… View Article