AHAR Submission Deadline is Fast Approaching!

Published On: Sep 28, 2012
Last Edited On: Sep 28, 2012
Author: Lani Ireland

The AHAR reporting season will officially begin on October 1st, 2012. AHAR stands for Annual Homeless Assessment Report. It is an annual report to Congress from HUD about the number and characteristics of people who use homeless residential services and their patterns of use. Each year HUD emphasis on HMIS and AHAR participation increases. AHAR participation status is a question in HUD’s CoC funding application. AHAR is the primary source of data on the extent and nature of homelessness nationwide. The HEARTH Act requires HMIS participation. This years’ AHAR reviews data from 10/1/2011 to 9/30/2012.

So what data are reported to the AHAR? AHAR looks at the Universal Data Elements and is limited to emergency shelters, transitional housing programs and supportive housing programs. Each area is broken down into sub groups of individuals, families and veterans. AHAR does not look at Safe Haven, HOPWA, HPRP or Domestic Violence program data. To be able to submit data on any of the categories you must meet certain standards:

1. 50% or more bed coverage in the given group.
2. Must have reasonable bed utilization, normally between 65-105%
3. Must have reasonable missing UDE data rates.

AHAR looks at this information for four specific Point-in-Time dates. The dates that this years’ AHAR will be looking at are:

• October 26, 2011
• January 25, 2012
• April 25, 2012
• July 25, 2012

*The important due dates to remember are: *

  • First draft to HUD – November 15, 2012
  • First draft of Veteran data – December 14, 2012
  • Final draft to HUD – January 15, 2013- individuals and families
  • Final draft of Veteran data – January 22, 2013.

These dates are firm. If you miss a date you will not be able to submit your data to HUD for AHAR. Nutmeg will be holding several meetings/webinars for the various CoC’s in Connecticut to discuss individual CoC AHAR planning. So please be responsive to our requests for data, corrections and reviewing of numbers. This is a very labor intensive process and it cannot be done without your cooperation.

For additional information about AHAR, you can go to HUD’s website at http://www.hudhdx.info/. Deadlines, resources and an AHAR FAQ are available here.